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About the Fishing Club:

Libertyville Fishing Club was started in April of 1979. The club holds an average of 18 club fishing outings a year in addition to the annual banquet and summer picnic. The main focus of the club is to provide a platform where members can share fishing knowledge with each other. Each year the club will have speakers (Tournament fisherman or Guides) at several meetings to talk about new techniques or tips on specific bodies of water. The club provides for some competition with the Fisherman of the Year contest. All members earn Fish Points for fish they catch at club outings. They also earn participation points for attending club meetings and outings. Prizes that include free dues for the following year are awarded to the top three fishermen.

Above are some nice crappies caught by Jason Cashmore on Channel Lake.

2018 Final Big fish Leader - Art Krohnert 44" catfish

 Final Point Leaders  for 2018

  1. Dave Busscher - 265

  2. Jeff Haug - 231

  3. Jeff Sannes - 227

Upcoming Events:                          

      Click Here for the complete 2019 schedule  

  • 2/9 - Wooster Lake
  • 2/23 - Lake Elizabeth
  • 3/23-3/24 - Fox River DePere
2018 Meetings:
  • Meetings are typically held on the third Tuesday of each month, 7:30PM at the Libertyville Township Center
  •  Libertyville Township Center,   359 Merrill Ct. (click above link for map) 
  • Next Meeting - February 19, 2019


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