After a couple of outings that were pretty tough, we hit Lake Wisconsin at just the right time.  

The weather was typical for fall - temps in the 40's, some wind, some rain.  As long as you dressed right for the conditions, it was very fishable and the fish were there for the taking.
Both the trollers and the guys using minnows did well.  The main bite was sauger, with occasional walleyes, white bass, yellow bass and a crappie mixed in.  The fish were concentrated in 18-22 feet of water upstream from the trestle area in the deep cut of the river.  The guys that trolled had many doubles and even a triple or so.  The minnow bite was subtle.  If you saw your line move a little, you had to set the hook.  We had to get through a lot of 11 - 12.5 inch fish to get the ones that qualified for points.  Overall, 8 members caught 61 sauger, 13 walleyes, 1 catfish, 1 crappie, 2 white bass and 4 yellow bass that qualified for a total of 392 points, our best trip there.

Big fish was walleye and Jeff Sannes nailed a 25 3/4 incher on Sunday edging out Al Silcroft's 22 incher.
We stayed at the Bridge Motel and the penthouse suite was a great choice.