The Libertyville Fishing Club held its 8th of 19 outings for 2017 on June 3-4  at Green Lake.  16 members attended in excellent weather, which is the first break in the weather we have had on our outings this year.  
The fish did not disappoint.   We landed 3 largemouth, 69 smallmouth, 11 walleyes, 1 northern, 69 rock bass, and 1 white bass which were large enough to score under our scoring system.  The best action was in relatively shallow water, 8 feet or less.  The fish were holding on rock bars or under piers, and jigs tipped with plastics did the trick.  There was a filamentatious algae bloom going on, so it was tough to keep your hook clean without getting slimed, but if you jigged it high and fast it was very fishable in most spots.   Trolling was very tough due to the algae.  
While we have caught bigger smallmouth in previous years, the size quality was very good.  Most smallies were in the 14 to 18 inch range, with the fish fat and healthy.  The big fish species for this outing was smallmouth, and Lucky Joe took honors with an 18 1/4 incher.  Several bigger smallmouth jumped and spit the hook (i.e. you should have seen the one that got away).   Ken Haney, fishing from his kayak, got towed around and then landed and measured a 28 1/2" walleye estimated at 7-8 lbs. but it jumped out of the kayak as he was fumbling for his camera (i.e. the one that didn't get away but did).            
This is our favorite outing, not only for the great fishing, but for the great accommodations at Greenway Log Cottages.  Thank you to our gracious host, Stacy.  We had a cookout for lunch on Saturday with  beer, burgers and brats along with venison teriyaki appetizers.  As usual, a great time was had by all.